"Life is nice"

Special activities for our guests on demand

January and February:

In the evenings, after skiing down the snowy slopes come to my house on "Spitznagl", have some hot drinks for adults and children as well. Let’s sing songs and play the guitar in a cosy atmosphere.

If you like, we could bake your own home-baked bread! Make it with nuts, corn and tasteful spices.



We colour and paint Easter eggs for your bunch at home in a typical farmer’s way. You will like it! Especially children enjoy it a lot!

The "Palmbuschen"- a typical symbol for Christianity in our region. You may take it home!


April and May: 

Herbage walking tour: afterwards we will cook a special, very delicious soup for spring purification;

Gathering the fresh branches of fir trees. That will become a sirup in order to cure coughing;

To bake a housemade bread;

Produce milkproducts such as butter, yoghurt, cheese, butter milk, whey and so on....


June and July:

to make your very special liqueur with your favorite taste!

For your health - fruit and herbage sirup!

To bake your very special bread!

My husband is a beekeeper and so you can also experience how to get honey from the bees;

On warm and clear summer evenings: have a campfire on the hill with a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains, grilling a special stick bread and sausages. Especially for children it is a great experience;

Looking for mushrooms in the nearby forests and cooking a mushroom goulash.


September and October:

Time to make some cider: the sweet one - a healthy and natural drink for everybody.

the ripe one - with a little alcohol for the adults!

Time for harvesting various fruit and conserve them in various ways for winter, in order to have some vitamins in the cold season as well.



Decoration out of nature materials for your house or flat for wintertime or Christmas!



Let’s bake special cookies and cakes for Christmas! Let’s do meditation in the darkest and most quiet season of the year! Sing and learn typical Christmas Carols for wintertime. Learn to play the guitar within only some lessons.




Breakfast basket on demand

  • fresh rolls, toast or bread
  • home-made butter        
  • fresh milk from the neighbour farmer
  • hand cheese
  • home-made jam
  • honey from our own bees
  • ham from vanison
  • sausage from our deer
  • home-made yoghurt
  • fresh eggs
  • home-made mozzarella
  • fresh whey
  • home-made juice/syrup
  • peppermint- and melissa tea


Natural products from our own production

  • liqueurs various
  • various Kind of jam
  • fruit juice
  • unfermented fruit juice
  • syrup
  • dried mushrooms
  • honey
  • jelly of roses
  • bread
  • peppermint- and melissatea


Course for learning to make bread

Walking with snow shoes, sledging